Guest Areas

Our home is your home

All of the guest areas have been designed for comfort, relaxation and good company – making the most of our beautiful home. There are a number of interesting spaces to suite your mood.

Slow down to a leisurely pace and fall into a comfortable chair in our lounge, the perfect spot to read a book in quiet surroundings. Or start up the Jacuzzi and relax in the bubbling water while enjoying your favourite drink.

The cool ambience and spacious layout of our guest areas make them ideal for gathering with groups of friends or enjoying some time-out with your family.

If you feel like roasting something on the fire in our indoor braai room, our kitchen will gladly assist you with accompaniments on request.

We also host functions, weddings, exclusive parties, conferences, management meetings and team building sessions.


But wait! There's more!

There's nothing better than to relax in a beautiful garden on a cool summer day.

We take great pride in our estate and spend as much time on gardening as on interior decoration. Our staff does a great job.

Follow the link below to explore our grounds.

The great outdoors...